SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Local SEO

Search engines like Google are constantly improving at serving up valuable, relevant results to their users. It’s up to business owners like you to respond accordingly in order to take advantage. We want to help you do this by developing a strategy that will get you to the top of those local rankings and improve your brand in the eyes of customers in your area.

Link Building

Backlinks are links that other websites make to your content by sharing or highlighting one of your blog posts, videos, etc. By creating these connections with other reputable sites, Google will acknowledge the legitimacy and credibility of your business and may improve your search engine rankings.

It’s important to understand, however, that these links must be obtained in an ethical manner through content creation and partnerships. Purchasing these links is a “black hat” SEO practice that is not endorsed by search engines or companies like Mainstreethost.

It’s challenging to build a network of relevant and valuable links for your site. Motivating complete strangers and industry peers to share links to your content isn’t easy. That’s where we can help.